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  • Nov., 2012

    European Commission organized with Tuning Academy, the tuning world conference, "Tuning in the World: New Degree Profiles for New Societies."

  • Sep., 2012

    We held a seminar: "Bologna Process and Tuning", by Dr. Hendrik Ferdinande, Ghent University, Belgium.

  • Jul., 2012

    We held a faculty developement symposium: "Some challenges for active teaching methods".

  • Jun., 2012

    We held a domestic conference: "Human Resource Management in Different Organizational Settings", by Dr. Agata Pierscieniak, Rzeszow University, Poland.

  • May, 2012

    Hitotsubashi University started the tuning project for social sciences.

  • Feb., 2012

    The Japanese version of "Tuning Educational Structures in Europe: Universities' Contribution to the Bologna Process, An Introduction" has been published.

  • Feb., 2012

    We have surveyed the progress of the tuning in Europe; 7 universities, 3 govermental agencies and 4 research institutes.