The notice about the opening of international symposium

“Measuring the Learning Outcomes of Disciplines—Evidence-Based Results through the Survey of Competencies acquired in Higher Education” was convened on October 4th -5th, 2018 at Sano Shoin Hall. The experienced researchers those who have been engaged in measuring competencies in higher education came to give lectures from Germany and the United States. Together with those guest speakers, we shared our methods and recent results of specific cases (of Japan, Germany, the U.S.) and based on those case studies, we went on a further discussion. Almost 30 people, mainly professors in the field and some students, attended. On the first day, there were 2 lectures which followed by an active panel discussion involving the audience. On the second day, setting a focus on the cases of Economics and Business majors, 2 more lectures were given and ended up the symposium with an opened general discussion where the participants freely exchanged their opinions.

■ Dates: 4-5. October. 2018

■ Participants: Around 30 university stakeholders

■ Venue: Sano Shoin Hall at Hitotsubashi University

■ Program

  1. October.

11:30–12:30       Luncheon meeting (Symposium presenters and organizers)

13:00–13:30      Opening Remarks and Explanation of the Objective of the Session

13:30–14:20      Speech 1

Prof. Olga Zlatkin-Troitschanskaia (Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz)

 (Represented by Dr. Christiane Kuhn)

                        Title: Measuring Student Learning Outcome in Higher Education:

Practical Implications and Perspectives

14:20–15:10      Speech 2

Prof. Maki Kato (Mori Arinori Institute for Higher Education and Global Mobility)

                        Title: Assessing Students Learning by Four-types University Stakeholders:

The Japanese Case

15:10–15:30      Coffee break

15:30–17:30      Panel discussion (moderated by Prof. Yukari Matsuzuka)

17:30–19:00      Reception (All participants)


  1. October—focusing more on Economics and Business

9:00–9:20        Opening Remarks and Explanation of the Objective of the Session

9:20–10:25       Speech 1

Prof. William B. Walstad (University of Nebraska at Lincoln)

                Title: New Developments in the Assessment of Economic Competencies in the U.S. Universities

10:25–11:15      Speech 2

Dr. Christiane Kuhn (Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz)

                Title: Using Innovative Technology-Based Assessments in University-Level Teacher Education for Business and Economics: Effectively Fostering Learning Outcomes

11:15–11:35       Coffee break

11:35–12:20      General Discussion