IR at Hitotsubashi

IR (Institutional Research) was launched at Hitotsubashi University in FY2006. A major role of the IR was to collect and analyze institutional data regarding student, faculty, curriculum, courses offering, and learning assessment. By studying and sharing information on such broad perspectives in education, IR was anticipated to be vital to better understand teaching and learning practices at the university.

In FY2008, Hitotubashi University has moved a step forward for the utilization and strengthening of IR function by receiving a fund from the Ministry of Education (MEXT) that aims to enhance university education and student support. The project was designed to maximize the effect of instructional innovation and system reform by incorporating various aspects of education, namely 1) learning assessment, 2) course and program development, and 3) learning support. Since then IR has been applied as a catalyst for realizing the synergistic efficiency of the university education.

From FY2012, IR was placed as one of the main components of Academic Planning Center (APLAC), a university-wide unit for supporting undergraduate students in their autonomous academic planning and learning processes. Under this initiative, IR enables further expand and deepen student support activities through providing comprehensive analysis of data on academic affairs, results of student surveys, course assessments and other relevant educational data.