【EN】GLP International Seminar (Australia), International Seminar (Australia) in Autumn 2023

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Course Overview

The distinguished feature of this course is the COIL (Collaborative Online International Learning) program set up with Monash University under the theme of “Global, Regional, and Local Perspectives in Asian Society”. The virtual classroom composed of students from various cultural, historical, and regional backgrounds allows for deepening our understanding of the dynamics of contemporary Asia. Within this unique setting, students have opportunities to launch an interesting social issue to discuss, process the group work, and present the outcome to audiences.

This first year of this course sets the common topic “Liveability” for COIL group work, which consists of multiple dimensions of socioeconomic activities and views interacting. The COIL works are accompanied by introductory visual material for students to enhance online collaboration, but also preliminary discussion sessions under the topic of “BOSAI” (disaster prevention efforts) for Hitotsubashi students.

While the COIL program highlights extending our local views, the course is complemented by special sessions inviting guest speakers of national diplomats and researchers to address national and regional perspectives in Asia. One of these speakers focuses is to address how the states and regional organizations assess discussion in multicultural settings and promote collaboration.


Course Goals

  1. Comprehend local, regional, and global views/perspectives to analyze issues in Asian society.
  2. Reflect on the relevance of Asian experiences of social change to other national and individual circumstances.
  3. Advance communication skills in discussing topics raised, assessing group work, and integrating analysis to present findings to a range of audiences.
  4. Understand that cultural context affects the dynamics of individual/group dimensions.


Course Contents

1 Introductory session
2 Preparation for COIL: What is liveability?
3 BOSAI initiatives (1)
4 BOSAI initiatives (2)
5 COIL (1): Joint introductory session
6 COIL (2): Groupwork
7 COIL (3): Groupwork
8 COIL (4): Groupwork
9 COIL (5): Joint Presentation Session
10 National perspectives (1): Singapore
11 National perspectives (2): Indonesia
12 Regional perspectives (3): ASEAN and Japan
13 Group feedback/Self-reflection


Course period and module

Quarters: Autumn (September-October, 2023)

Day and Period: Tuesdays, 2nd and 3rd periods

Module: In-person/Online



There are no reading materials assigned prior to the course. Relevant materials are to be provided in “Manaba” upon registration.



The final grading of the course will be either a “Pass” or a “Fail”. Evaluation consists of:

  • class participation 30%
  • presentation 20%,
  • submission of reflection papers 50% (30% deliverables as group and 1-page individual reflection on COIL, 10% for 1-page individual reflections from two of three discussions by guest speakers).


Registration Form

Please fill out this form and submit by 5 September, 11:59am.




Yukako Tanaka-Sakabe

Tanaka-Sakabe received her Ph.D. (in Political Science) from Waseda University and Master in Public Administration from Cornell University. Her research focuses on peace and security, especially in concerning the situation of weak states/conflict-affected areas. She looks for institutions, causes of conflict, conflict resolution, democratization, state-building, peacebuilding in the local context, international peace operations, and strategies of the supply side for international cooperation. She has professional experience and has done fieldwork in Asia and Africa.

Email: tanaka.sakabe@r.hit-u.ac.jp

Office hours: By appointment (please contact the instructor by email)