International Symposium”Geospatial Technology for Multifaceted Crisis: Real-time Crisis Mapping and Long-term Trends Analysis”


This workshop focuses on the role of geospatial technology in fragile contexts, including armed conflicts and natural disasters. It brings together academic experts and practitioners engaged in (i) real-time crisis mapping and (ii) geopolitical analysis (e.g., satellite and drones imagery ) through remote sensing, data crowdsourcing, and other emerging techniques. Following the morning session to introduce these tools and their applications, the afternoon session will provide an opportunity for participants to explore them through an introductory active-learning experience.


・Date:2024.Feb.19th AM10-PM4

・Location:Large Lecture Hall, National Center of Sciences Building, Chiyoda Campus, Hitotsubashi University.




Director, Research Planning, Geography and Crustal Dynamics Research Center, Geospatial Information Authority of Japan (GSI).  Also leading the United Nations Smart Maps Group.  GSI since 2002. . 


Professor of GSC, Aoyama Gakuin University and President of CrisisMappers Japan (NPO). Masters Degree in Environmental Studies from the University of Tokyo, specializing in forestry remote sensing.

Kyoung-Soo EOM

Retired Chief of the UN Geospatial Information Section, Co-Secretary to the UN Committee of Experts on Global Geospatial Information Management (UN-GGIM), and Co-Chair of the UN Open GIS Initiative.Currently CEO of Smart GeoLab Co., Ltd. Prior to the UN, General Manager and Project Manager in LG-GNS in Seoul, Chief of the Combined Terrain Analysis Team in the Korea-USA Combined Force Command and Chief Operations Officer in the UN Operations in Somalia.

Anthony Burke

Humanitarian Data Exchange (HDX) Community Manager at the Centre for Humanitarian Data, United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) since 2022. He started his UN career in 2011 as a public information officer at the OCHA Regional Office for Asia-Pacific, and served as an information management and communications officer at the OCHA South Sudan Country Office in 2020.


Assistant Professor of Center for Global Online Education, Hitotsubashi University. She is currently on special leave from the United Nations Department of Peace Operations, where she has since overseen peacekeeping efforts in Sudan and South Sudan, crisis management, strategic mission planning, and research involving the UN Charter and the work of the Security Council. Previously, she worked with the Conflict Prevention and Peace Forum of the Social Science Research Council, and the UN Development Fund for Women.


Assistant professor of Kyoritsu Women’s University and a visiting researcher of Center for Global Online Education, Hitotsubashi University. Her research focuses on peace and security especially in concerning the situation of weak states/conflict-affected areas. She looks for institutions, causes of conflict, conflict resolution, democratization, state-building, peacebuilding in the local context, international peace operation, strategies of supply side for international cooperation. She has done fieldwork in Southeast Asia and Africa. While enjoying interacting with students in classes, she participates in projects conducted by research institutes and think tanks. She has previously worked at the Japanese Embassy in Timor-Leste, International Peace Cooperation Headquarters under Japanese Cabinet Office, and the United Nations Assistance Mission to Afghanistan.



◯Part I (10:00-12:30): Moderated presentations and discussions

・State of play in mapping technology and techniques 

・Role of mapping for immediate and medium/long-term crisis response 

・Challenges and opportunities 

◯Lunch break(12:30-13:30)

◯Part II (13:30-15:30): Active learning (please bring your PC. We have free Wi-Fi.)

・Guided introduction to hands-on mapping exercises


・Entry fee:free

・The limit on the number of people is 80.

・Language :English *Simultaneous translation (EN to JP)

・Entry Form:

・Contact:Center for Global Online Education, Hitotsubashi University(