Tuning Japan

 In order to ensure the academic significance of increasing opportunities for studying abroad and academic exchange, it is essential to create platforms that help to re-design internationally available study courses, transferable and compatible credit and degree systems. This process is available through Tuning.

 In the Tuning, universities across institutional and national boundaries define outcomes and competences that students are expected to achieve when a degree has been earned. Applying them as reference points Tuning also asks universities to fine tune their human and material resources. Therefore, Tuning widens opportunities not only for current students who want to study abroad or at another university within a country. Besides, it increases a choice for those people who work but want to re-charge their general education and/or professional knowledge. Thus the result of Tuning is expected to be echoed in mobility motivation as well in stably expanded double and joint degrees.

  Like the tuning of instruments before a performance, TUNING JAPAN is responsive network in promoting a high-quality student and academic mobility in the both social and natural science fields and internationally compatible degrees awarded. With the co-operation of Asian and the world’s leading partner universities, and through building of wider partnerships with globally expanding Tuning networks, TUNING JAPAN carries out research, implementation, and promotion of the Tuning process.


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