Prof. György Nováky's presentation

Date and time
March 6,2015   10:00 - 12:00a.m.
Osaka University
György Nováky :

He is currently working with Tuning in Japan, but is also doing research in internationalization and mobility. He has since 2000 been deeply involved in the development and implementation of the Bologna process through the project Tuning Educational Structures in Europe (2000–2007), and in establishing European sectorial frameworks in Humanities. Most recently (2012–2015) he has been working as an expert in the Tempus-project “Towards a Central Asian Higher Education Area: Tuning Structures and Building Quality Culture (TuCAHEA)”. Besides being a teacher and researcher in History he has also been responsible for education, both as Program Director and as Director of Studies.

The main bulk of his writing deals with early modern economic, social and cultural phenomena on a global level.

Most recent publications:
 “The Same History for All? Tuning History” in: Enriching History Teaching and Learning Challenges, Possibilities, Practice.
   (Eds. D.Ludvigsson & A. Booth), Linköping 2015.
 “Indiska Oceanen, Kryddhandel och globalisering” in: En maritim varld — från stenåldern till idag, Göteborg 2014.
 “Handel och Imperier” in: En samtida varldshistoria (ed. Maris Sjöberg), Stockholm, 2014.

Presentation file (pdf)
“Quality Assurance, Education and Tuning in an Internationalizing world of higher education”