Research Project

Competence Survey

  • 1. Summary

    The core objective of universities is to deliver advanced knowledge and skills to their stakeholders, namely students and society. In the course of this process there is an increasing importance of listening to the voices of the stakeholders and together shaping university education.

    In the Competence Survey Study, universities who attempt to engage in Tuning* conduct a questionnaire survey by discipline, asking students, university professors, graduates and companies (employers) about the knowledge, skills and competences they expect universities to develop. Through a comparative analysis of the results by discipline, institution and different group of stakeholders in different regional areas, the aim is for each university to recognize and further develop its own strengths and characteristics, while nurturing an international perspective to improve its program structures, curriculum, and educational content.

    Please see the website below for details about Tuning.

  • 2. On-going Survey

    The survey period is over. We appreciate your interests.

    · Questionnaire

    This is a part of questiionaire.

    • 3. Report

      A summary of the competence survey report can be found below.




  1. 4. Academic Resources

    Working Paper based on 2014 Competence survey can be found below.

    Relationship between subject-specific and generic competences: Evidence from survey on Japanese universities


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