International Symposium

Collaboration with EU Studies Institute

Date and time
Feb. 28,2013 14:00-18:00
Josui Kaikan “Matsukaze Hall"
Presenatation Materials
  1. 「一橋大学のチューニング事業」(PDF) Yukari Matsuzuka, Professor, Research and Development Center for Higher Education, Hitotsubashi University
  2. "EU Mobility Program and Tuning"(PDF) Richard Kelner, Delegation of the European Union to Japan
  3. "Tuning for the World's eyes"(PDF) Clifford Adelman, Institute of Higher Education Policy, Washington D.C.
  4. 「チューニングの世界的展開―日本への示唆」(PDF)Satoko Fukahori, Senior Researcher, National Institute for Education Policy
We had a lot of participants. Thank you for coming.

「チューニング」の実践と普及 国際フォーラム

“Tuning” offers the comparability and compatibility of university curricula for the global higher education community. As opportunities increase for studying abroad, it is essential to “tune” and share among universities the contents and learning outcomes of the courses and subjects, in order to ensure the quality of education and the academic significance of cooperative degrees such as double and joint degrees. Tuning of higher educational structure started in Europe in 2000 as a project to link the objectives of the Bologna Process and at a later stage the Lisbon Strategy to the higher education sector. Over time, tuning has been implemented in North and South America, Russia, and Australia. For Japan that expects a significant increase in the number of university students studying abroad, tuning will be an important agenda for years to come.

In April 2011, President Susumu Yamauchi at Hitotsubashi University announced “Hitotsubashi University Plan 135: Evolving into a Smart and Tough Global University” as the University’s basic policy. In the area of education, he aimed globalization, improvement and diversification of education. The Tuning Project at Hitotsubashi is designated a strategic initiative of the University as means to attain the aim. Hitotsubashi has already established diverse cross-disciplinary education programs with domestic partner universities, under the theme “Resonance of Humanity and Science.” Also the University maintains a firm global network with the world’s major universities, and promotes transfers from undergraduate to graduate level. Through tuning, Hitotsubashi University will accelerate the horizontal and vertical networking, and “tune” and “resonate” different academic programs with both domestic and international partners.

In this Symposium, tuning at Hitotsubashi University will be discussed in the first session. The second session will explore mobility plan and program in EU, the global spread of tuning activities, and the possible development of tuning in Japan, by inviting a representative from the Delegation of the European Union to Japan and tuning experts in the US and Japan.

Moderator: Yumiko Nakanishi, Professor, Hitotsubashi University
Susumu Yamauchi, President of Hitotsubashi University
【Keynote address: Education Mission and Tuning】
Kazuyasu Ochiai,
Board Member/Executive Vice President for Education and Student Affairs,
Hitotsubashi University14:10~14:40
【Tuning at Hitotsubashi University】
Yukari Matsuzuka, Professor, Hitotsubashi University14:40~15:10 --- Intermission ---
【1st Speech: EU Mobility Program and Tuning】
Richard Kelner, Delegation of the European Union to Japan15:30~16:00
【Keynote Speech: Tuning for World's Eyes】
Clifford Adelman,Institute of Higher Education Policy, Washington D.C.16:00~17:00
【3rd Speech: Tuning around the World: Implications for Japan】
Satoko Fukahori,Senior Researcher, National Institute for Education Policy17:00~17:30
【Panel Discussion】
Kazuyasu Ochiai, Richard Kelner, Clifford Adelman, Satoko Fukahori17:30~18:00 Poster(pdf)