イベント:2023年4月15日 国際研究会議「国際流動化時代における博士課程の意義と課題」をハイブリッドで開催しました

We was held a hybrid international research conference、 ‘The Significance of Doctoral Degree in the Age of Global Mobility,’ from 2pm on Monday, April 15, 2023.

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The increasing necessity of PhDs for research roles in academia and industry underscores the importance of doctoral education in today’s job market. With a growing trend of Asian scholars pursuing PhDs abroad and their subsequent international mobility for employment, questions arise about the global value of doctoral degrees. This symposium will explore key issues such as the background driving individuals to seek doctoral studies overseas, the impact of the degree’s origin on employment opportunities, how doctoral experiences influence research outcomes, and the relationship between university reputation and PhD holder mobility. By presenting empirical research, this forum seeks to illuminate the significance of doctoral education in the context of global student and workforce mobility, aiming to offer insights into the evolving dynamics of higher education and research employment.

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International Research Forum “Global Student Mobility and Career Pathways : Findings from Empirical Analyses in Asis and the USA”

The number of foreign students received and sent by Japanese universities decreased dramatically amid the COVID-19 pandemic. In the world as a whole, however, the number of international students did not stagnate, but continued to increase even during the pandemic. With the global expansion of online education, the number of graduates with foreign degrees will continue to increase.
This forum will present the findings from analyses conducted on the international mobility of students and workers, their degree attainment, and their post-graduate careers. The primary focus will be on Asia and the U.S. We seek to explore the implications of differences in mobility, educational attainment, higher education policies, and learning environments for labor market, social, and economic performance. This exploration will be approached from the perspectives of higher education theory, educational policy theory, sociology of education, and economics of education.


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